2016-2017 Bundesliga thirtieth round recommended

2016-2017 德甲第30轮赛事推荐

Beijing time on the evening of April 22nd 21:302016-17 Bundesliga thirtieth round of war!Bayern MunichAllianz ArenaMainz, the Bundesliga class bully just in the week in the Champions League 1\/4 game was brutally eliminated, the game will come up with what kind of state of Bayern people look forward to. Please pay attention!

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/4\/22 (Saturday) 21:30 Frankfurt Augsburg
2017\/4\/22 (Saturday) 21:30 Bayern Munich Mainz
2017\/4\/22 (Saturday) 21:30 Yinggesita Yinggesita
2017\/4\/22 (Saturday) 21:30 Hamburger Damm Staab
2017\/4\/22 (Saturday) 21:30 Hertha BSC Berlin Wolfers
2017\/4\/23 (Sunday) 00:30 Borussia Dortmund
2017\/4\/23 (Sunday) 21:30 Freiburg Leverkusen
2017\/4\/23 (Sunday) 23:30 Schalke 04 Red Bull laby

Event highlights:

德甲班霸Bayern Munich在周中的欧冠1/4决赛中惨遭皇马淘汰无缘四强,阵中队员士气低迷。此番回到德甲赛场,拜仁希望能用一场大胜来鼓舞士气。对手Mainz本赛季表现不佳,仅仅依靠净胜球的优势高出降级区一名,排名德甲第十五。所以就算对手是拜仁的话,Mainz也会不遗余力地去拼去抢,力求能在拜仁身上拿分。

After the midweek Champions League game, Bayern officials have announced that Neuer will miss all of Bayern's remaining games this season because of a broken left foot. This is a great blow to Bayern. Martinez is determined to be out, Hummel J and Boateng and a wounded case, Bayern's defense will be a severe test. Goalkeeper Uhl Reich can withstand the rear banner, keep a clean sheet?

Bayern striker Lewandowski, the Bundesliga has yet to enter the 29 round of the 26 ball, tied with the top of the list with the Aubameyang. Before the match against Lavon was injured in the Champions League last week, an emergency return, but mediocre. The return to Munich, Lavon after a few days of rest can recover before the prolific state? The Golden Boot dispute between Lavon and Aubameyang is also looking forward to the season.

优德W88西方体育推荐:本场比赛推荐Bayern Munich让1.5-2球胜。