Bonus Club


Youter W88 mobile phone version of on-line friends club rewards! Value Hao Li, a key exchange! Mobile instant online fast charge, free betting, digital products, life and luxury luxury goods, etc.. The quality of your life, as in youter W88! Use your balance for your favorite gift immediately

How to use the mobile phone version bonus club?

Step 1:Login phone site, click on the page[login]Login to your W88 account, youter. As follows:


Step 2:Log in, click on the drop-down menu[bonus club]Enter the premium Club Home page. As follows:


After entering the points reward Club page, click on the top right[information icon]Contact us 7X24 hours online customer service to get help.[ellipsis] IconThat is, the menu, you can view all the bonus points related to the page. As follows:


Step 3:[bonus club]Above the main page will show you[user name] [integral] [integral level], you can choose according to personal preferences exchange gifts. As follows:


Step 4:If you exchange the goods as a kind of gift, you need to fill in your personal information truthfully and then click[exchange] immediately.So we can send you a gift. As follows:


If you change the[free bet]If you do not need to mail items, you need to verify the exchange information is correct and click[exchange] immediately.Can. (free bets will be added to your W88 account youter below):


If you have any questions in the process of exchange, please contact us 7X24 hours online customer service to get help, we will be happy to serve you!