England Super League recommended – Swansea VS Waterford

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In January 19, 2016 04:00Swansea VS WaterfordThe two sides are expected starting:Swansea:Fabianski, Fernandes, Williams, Taylor, Norton, Brinton, Ki, Barro, Monteiro, West ancient Dodson, ayub;Waterford:Gomes, Nimes, Cathcart, Prodl, Kapye, Behrami, Chris, Abdi, Anya, Dini, Harlow.

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2015\/16 Premier League season ushered in the final match of the twenty-second round, the Swansea return home court against the visiting Waterford. The warring parties in the game is the team the second half of the Premier League, but the recent record is very bad for the match 3 points both shizaibide, must have a very good defensive and a good ball team, will give us a wonderful the game.

Swansea is currently 21 League product 19 points ranked eighteenth in the relegation zone, but the distance from shore Newcastle only 2 points, as long as their own adjustments or have the opportunity to go ashore. The team's road is really bad, the League 10 games to get a total of 1 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses, the contribution of this season is too low. On the other hand is the offense, scoring 19 goals in the league, this attack is difficult to win. The last round of the League at home 2-4 lost to Sang Delan, suffered 3 successive defeats, the total of these games lost 9 balls. Fall into the relegation zone of Swansea need to play well goalkeeper. Fabian J has been the season opponents scored 30 goals conceded in third Premier league.

Waterford is a newly promoted identity, currently the 21 round league 29 points ranked twelfth, ahead of time is half to grab points after deployment. Through the main road record, a total of 15 points away, home is a score of 14, relatively speaking, the road is quite good results. The team's recent record is not stable, nearly 5 games made a total of 1 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses, away from a little better than the other 2 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses. The last round of League 0-2 away defeat in Southampton, just stop the 2 game losing streak would defeat. The campaign in Waterford against Swansea can be said to be the weakest since the recent Waterford encounter the enemy. So the game is on the road to Waterford is expected to end the streak. Which has been misfiring three field of Ighalo can find the key to brave state is the game again. Compared to the 2010\/11 season in Tottenham state, now 34 year old Gomes can be said to usher in the spring of second.

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