NBA tournament recommended – grizzly VS 76

NBA赛事推荐-灰熊VS 76人-优德W88官网

In December 23, 2015 08:00VS76 MemphisThe two sides are expected to start:Grizzlies:Barnes Gasol Conley Lee green.76 people:Marshall Kennan, Noel Winton okafor. The strong confrontation, who can give each other a trend which cannot be halted, a fatal blow? And Xiaobian look at the event to look forward to it ~!

The game youter western sports chupan: the Grizzlies make 9.5 points.

76 people at the Wachovia Center Stadium against the strength of the grizzlies. In the 76 mode of reconstruction to record this season there is no improvement in the season 18 games they all lost, managed to catch the end of the 18 game losing streak, the Lakers won a victory in the home court, after that they suffered a wave of 10 defeats. At present, their record is 1 wins and 28 losses, if lost to the Grizzlies, their first record will be in the top 1 Games in the top 29 losses, a record in the history of the first season of the worst record in the top 30 games. This season, 76 people with the Grizzlies had a fight, at that time although they were leading, but the final stage of the collapse of 84-92 lost to rivals, such as no accident 76 people would have been double memphis.

76 now the state is very low, suffered ten defeats, ranked in the bottom of the east. A road to 86-108 by the Knights slaughtered, the players in Noel is the only one who scored in double figures, with 15 points and 12 rebounds, although in rebounding 76 people than the knight must be higher than 9, inside to confrontational, but in addition to Noel one, the other 76 team members the strength, with James, Loew, Erwin led the Cavaliers in three assists, weak defense, data classification in far, currently 1 wins and 29 losses.

The Grizzlies with 15 wins and 14 negative results ranked sixth in the west, into December, Memphis 6 wins 5 of the negative record, recently always win lose a game situation, erratic. A home court with a 96-84 win over the Pacers, before the three day and the Pacers fight in the fourth quarter will be inextricably involved, finally opened the score, the single won the match 8 points, difficult to win this tough battle. Conley won a team high 20 points and 8 rebounds, play very well, little Gasol had two pairs of data under 19 points and 12 rebounds, that do not fall under Jordan Hill against two strong meet; the wise man wins, Memphis steady, 8 turnovers less than starting walker, which is the key to decide the outcome of the game.