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At 21:45 on the evening of June 13, 2017, the guest will be visiting Syria's temporary home in Malaysia, Malacca, in the 12 round of the 2018 heats of the Asian Games, and the eighth round of the Asian games.

The Asian World Cup tournament in Iran, South Korea - off negative absolutely not bad grades, but now want to slim qualifying situation, can only say that the Orangemen half cycle of debt is too much. If you want to continue qualifying, the first priority is to win 3 points.


The 12 race with 3 round, only 5 points in the foot if you want to catch up with 12 points ranked third in Uzbekistan to get a playoff qualification, then the last three of the war, victory to get 9 points is necessary to complete a task.

Before the press conference, when it comes to China team, coach Hakim said: "from October last year after the arrival of Lippi, some changes have taken place in Chinese team, but in tomorrow's game we won't be too much to consider the technical and tactical characteristics of Chinese team, but to play their own characteristics. The captain of the Chinese team is out of battle because of injury, but we hope to win the game anyway." As for the support of the fans at home in Malaysia, the coach said: "we haven't lost yet. We have to fight for the fans, but it's the same place."."

[expected start]

Country foot (433): 1- Cheng Cheng, 4-, Jiang Zhipeng, 6-, Feng Xiaoting, 2-, Ren hang, 5-, Zhang Linpeng, 16-, Huang Bowen, 15-, Wu Xi, 11-, Hao Junmin, 14-, Wang Yongpo, 9-, Zhang Yuning, 7-, Wu Lei
Syria (451): 1- Ibrahim - 2- Saleh, 3- Alma; James, Midani, 6- 5-, Zegna 9-, 14- Tameier gas; Ma - 20- - Mu Baye De, Khaled, Haji 12- Dunne, 18- nano 19- - matic argoud; multi quian Maldives

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