Rio Olympic Games: Chinese Teams to push hard gold domineering


In July 18th, the Rio Olympics China delegation was founded in Beijing in the Great Hall of the people, the China delegation, a total of 711 people, including 416 athletes who are China overseas delegation to participate in the Olympic Games the largest term. With the Olympic Games approaching, Chinese Teams is Rio to last adaptation training, through hard to enter the state as soon as possible, force the body to win gold medals of the domineering.


Hard encounter opponents respond domineering Germany Ping "challenge"

Rio on August 2nd, Chinese table tennis team in the Rio Convention and Exhibition Center before the training. Coincidentally, the main rival China team of the German team that day in the stadium, the team coach Rostov in training I did not forget to observe Chinese players. Rostov has made it clear that the current situation is not in the best state of Zhang Jike, Germany is expected to become a breakthrough".


In the face of the German team overbearing, Guoping head coach Liu Guoliang. "They do not take it seriously, is one of the strongest team, but there are a lot of the same level with the German team team. No matter how big the difficulties, the Chinese team is currently the overall strength of all the strongest team, any opponent wants to beat the Chinese team, is not an easy thing."

里约奥运-优德W88官网Currently, Malone, Zhang Jike, Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia and other components of China's most stable ring is the final sprint for preparation. From the point of view of the performance of the players, the players received high quality, less overall error, showing a good state of mind.

The players said, table tennis has been adapted to Rio compact layout, officially started for the game.


China sharpshooter target first gold

Chinese shooting team has always been the first gold specialist". The Rio Olympics, China will send the Athens Olympic champion Tully and the London Olympic champion, the composition of the double insurance, the woman's 10 meters air rifle gold medal impact.


A few days earlier than Tully has been adapted to jet lag, the impact of the first gold pressure to make her a little nervous Yi Siling. After the end of the daily training, Yi Siling also specially trained 1.5 hours to find the game feel.

里约奥运-优德W88官网The fourth time to participate in the Olympic Games Tully appears to relax a lot, after the shooting of the three groups, she gradually adapted to the venue. In April of this year, she is here, won the women's 10 meter air rifle Olympic test champion.

Chinese swimming team arrived in Rio will be put into training

Arrived in Rio, Chinese swimming team went to the game for the first time to adapt to the training venue.

里约奥运-优德W88官网Sun Yang has just come out of the venue after the game, he went straight to the warm-up training hall. Coach Sun Yang explained that Sun Yang should not prematurely enter the battle, one or two days before the game to adapt to competition.


And Ning Zetao is to go directly to the venue for training, and with the national team hired by the Australian foreign teacher Brown very happy chat. In the water after warming up, Ning Zetao is still the venues in the photo, "first entered the stadium feel very excited, the game there is a period of time, they will gradually adjust the state, ready for the game."

Gymnastics floret Rio look forward to bloom

The time on the afternoon of 2, China women's gymnastics team according to the plan in the temporary house training for more than three hours, 5 players in order to complete the balance beam, floor, vault, uneven bars project 4.


Due to time difference, environment, diet and other reasons, the women's gymnastics team coach Wang Cequn specifically reduced the training time and intensity, but some players still appeared muscle response, but fortunately little impact.

里约奥运-优德W88官网Near the contest, the coaching staff to take better care of "flower" are the basic necessities of life, can be said to be hard. Fan Yilin was banned from team coach gluttonous fat. In addition, from the domestic mosquito nets also brought great use, players can get rid of mosquito bites, sleep well.

Dream team training encounter cold"

The same is just arrived in Rio will go to the field training, Chinese diving dream team has suffered a little twists and turns.

Because the diving is outdoors, plus the local is winter, it makes to participate in the first training session at the Rio players feel a bit cold, even veteran Wu Minxia also said, "the wind is very big".

里约奥运-优德W88官网However, in the face of the only 1.5 hours of training time, the team had to take off their clothes wrapped in the body, training.

"If you don't have the wind, it will be a little bit better. If you have the wind, we will feel the same as the other world." Chen Ruolin said, the weather has been so bad, we can not change it, so can only change themselves, so that their hearts do not be afraid of this cold."

As Chen Ruolin said, since the game is sure to be complex and unknown, then the players should be prepared in advance to reduce the uncertainty of the game.


The game is approaching, I wish the Chinese delegation of Olympic athletes can achieved excellent results in the game!!!

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