The Champions League – Dinamo Kiev VS Manchester City


Beijing time on March 16th at 3:45 in the morning, the 2015-16 Champions League 1\/8 finals rounds, the Premiership giants Manchester City will play the Ukraine giants dynamo Kiev at Etihad stadium home court.

Aguero moment


Forecast starting:

City:1- Hart; 3- 4-, 30- Sagna, kompany Krishna 22-, however; Phil Nandy Neo 25-, 6- Fernando; 21- 42- David Silva, Yaya Toure, 7- 10- Aguero of Stryn;

Dinamo Kiev:1- Seaan J koves Ki; 2- Silva, 34- Khacheridi, 6- Dragovi and 5- Antunes; 17- Ray Balka, 4- 10-, 19- Yaermolianke Veloso; Garr marsh, 25- Gonzales; 11- Morais

Aguero celebrates with his teammates


Historical record:

The two teams played only 3 times in history, Manchester City, 2 wins and 1 losses. In this season's UEFA Champions League 1\/8 final first leg match, Manchester 3-1 away victory over dynamo Kiev.

Manchester City players celebrate the goal


Aspect one: Manchester City coach wants to bid farewell

On the weekend of the Premier League, Manchester City at Norwich has been struggling to draw 0-0, currently has 11 points behind the Premier League leaders, basically hopeless. Next they will focus on the Champions League match. Coach Pellegrini made it clear that, since I will leave at the end of the season, then the best way to say goodbye is to win the Champions league. I used in Malaga and Villarreal have led the team to the quarter finals of the Champions League, which also once entered the semi-finals of the Champions league. As long as we can qualify for the quarter finals of the Champions League, I think Manchester then not afraid to face any big teams and players."

Silva Stryn break assists


Point two: Yaya Toure has returned

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure after heel injury last round of the English Premier League, but this Monday yayatoure injury and participated in joint training team. Coach Pellegrini said, "yayatoure certainly can participate in tomorrow's game." This is good news for Manchester city. Statistics show that this season yayatoure played the game winning 65.4% Manchester City, and he missed the game winning only 50% manchester. In addition, another midfielder Delph Manchester in returning to training this week, now only wounded Manchester City and Nasri de Browne.

The Xierwamen tuishe


Aspect three: Dinamo Kiev state Huiyong

The first leg of Dinamo Kiev home court lost 1-3, but this is mainly because the Ukraine Super League during the winter break is too long, it is the first official match against Dynamo Kiev after the winter break, so the team has not adjusted to the best state. But in the first leg of the Champions League, Dinamo Kiev played 2 consecutive Ukraine league games and the 1 Ukraine cup, 2 wins, 1 unbeaten record, the players also gradually restored, which is conducive to play in the Champions League game. Although the home court lost, but dynamo Kiev coach Rebrov has said, will not give up hope for promotion in the second leg, while Manchester effect can not be lightly.

Kiev pulled one back


Event analysis:

Late last month, the city in the first time cooperation guest with a 3-1 win over Ukraine rivals, for greater opportunities. After the battle, Manchester City immediately in the domestic league cup champion, but in the Premier League to play the bad, gradually out of the ranks of the championship.

After the winter break, Dinamo Kiev achieved back-to-back in the domestic league's two game winning streak, which makes the players gradually erase the Champions League quarter final first leg defeat frustration, again bursting with confidence. But the last time they visited the Etihad Stadium against Manchester City, the Kiev war, the soldiers will be playing the spirit of twelve.

In contrast, Manchester City more hope home court beat opponents, into the Champions League next round.

Otamendi headed the rescue

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