[W88] 2015-2016 England eudem Football Super League twenty-third round race


Beijing time on January 23rd (Saturday) 20:45, is about to usher in the twenty-third round of the 2015-2016 England football super league tournament, the following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/1\/23 (Saturday) 20:45 Norwich Liverpool
2016\/1\/23 (Saturday) 23:00 Crystal Palace Spurs
2016\/1\/23 (Saturday) 23:00 Leicester Stoke City
2016\/1\/23 (Saturday) 23:00 Manchester United Southampton
2016\/1\/23 (Saturday) 23:00 Sunderland Bournemouth
2016\/1\/23 (Saturday) 23:00 Waterford Newcastle
2016\/1\/23 (Saturday) 23:00 West Brom Aston Vera
2016\/1\/24 (Sunday) 01:30 West Ham Manchester City
2016\/1\/24 (Sunday) 21:30 Everton Swansea
2016\/1\/25 (Monday) 00:00 A Senna Chelsea


Game data:


This season, only Vera (10.2%) shot success rate lower than Liverpool (10.3%). The Reds have scored only 1 wins and 3 losses in the last four league games, scoring only 1 goals.

Since in October 17th since Liverpool took the Cyclops pointer, Red Army in 14 games scored 19 points, the same period the scores obtained by only eighth in the standings.



Since joining the Reds in January 2013, Sturidge has only played 60 games in all of the Premier League (52%) (see chart 116).


The total number of rescue Sebastian Basson this season (184) and (121) the number of header are among the top of the league.

Aspect of competition:

The canary has shown great ups and downs, after two wins and suffered two defeats, the last round of losing to relegation rivals Bournemouth impact on the team, but the market they sign Naismith and Germany defender Keluoze, Canary half will struggle to avoid relegation.

The last round suffered a disappointing defeat, the team in the case of serious injuries to the outbreak of the strongest fighting force, want to compete in a European place need to find a few klopp suitable for his tactical player in the winter window.