Cleopatra tournament – Winners List


Congratulations to the following members on the official website of the gold medal club, the golden club! The jackpot won't stop, more offers wait for you to join, and the next game will be the next big winner!

July OneTwo, Two0OneSeven -OneEight

ranking User name integral bonus
One S*n*r*n* OneOneOneSevenNine Seven hundred and fifty
Two *w*e*t Eight thousand eight hundred and forty-four Three hundred and fifty
Three J*Five*0 SixSixEightOne TwoTwo0.00
Four *a*z*o*g*k SixThreeOneOne One00.00
Five K*m*n*u*k SixTwo0Eight Three0.00
Six *a*h*k*One* FiveThreeTwoSeven Three0.00
Seven j*h*n*Seven*Seven FourFiveSixSix Three0.00
Eight a*Five*Seven* FourFourSeven0 Three0.00
Nine *k*Three*One*One FourFourTwoTwo Three0.00
One0 b*b*0*One* FourThreeNineSix Three0.00
OneOne *h*u*i*Three* ThreeSevenFourNine One0.00
OneTwo j*y*Eight*0*0* Three0OneFive One0.00
OneThree V*o*s*o* TwoNine0Nine One0.00
OneFour *w*Seven*Eight* TwoSevenTwoFive One0.00
OneFive F*a*j*w*s TwoSixNineSix One0.00
OneSix *a*b*c*0*0*a*b*c TwoFourSixEight One0.00
OneSeven H*c*e*G*o TwoThreeOneFour One0.00
OneEight *b*q*Nine*Three* TwoTwoFourThree One0.00
OneNine J*n*b*l* TwoOneFiveOne One0.00
Two0 *i*g*i*g*Two* TwoOneTwoTwo One0.00
TwoOne x*Three*Three*Three Two0OneSeven One0.00
TwoTwo Z*Five*0* OneEightEightSix One0.00
TwoThree *v*s*n OneEightSeven0 One0.00
TwoFour j*h*k*p*Two OneSevenSevenFive One0.00
TwoFive *a*a*One*Three OneSevenTwoSeven One0.00
TwoSix q*Seven*One*Eight*Seven* OneSevenOneFive One0.00
TwoSeven c*Six*w OneSixEightFive One0.00
TwoEight *Eight*0*One*Seven*One* OneSixSixEight One0.00
TwoNine X*h*0* OneSixSixSix One0.00
Three0 *r*z*c*u*z* OneSixTwoFour One0.00
ThreeOne n*o*a*Nine*0 OneSix0One One0.00
ThreeTwo *r*Eight*Eight* OneFiveEightFive One0.00
ThreeThree a*d*Three*Four OneFiveSevenEight One0.00
ThreeFour One*Three*Five*a* OneFiveSevenThree One0.00
ThreeFive *c*One*Three*Five*Seven* OneFiveSevenThree One0.00
ThreeSix x*e*i*o*Nine* OneFive00 One0.00
ThreeSeven L*O*I*Eight*Six*Two* OneFourFourSeven One0.00
ThreeEight *o*r*j* OneFourThree0 One0.00
ThreeNine g*q*0*Five OneFourThree0 One0.00
Four0 a*m*One*Nine OneFourOneFour One0.00
FourOne *r*n*e*u*z* OneFourOneOne One0.00
FourTwo w*Seven*One*One*q* OneThreeEightThree One0.00
FourThree *h*f*Five*Five* OneThreeSixFour One0.00
FourFour w*Eight*i*a*a* OneThreeThreeNine One0.00
FourFive *a*g*u*Nine*Six OneTwoNineNine One0.00
FourSix J*n*0*0 OneTwoSevenFive One0.00
FourSeven *a*a*Nine*Four OneTwoFourOne One0.00
FourEight L*a*i*z*y OneTwoTwoEight One0.00
FourNine *a*i*e OneTwo0Nine One0.00
Five0 l*c*0*Five*Eight OneTwo0Five One0.00