NBA event recommended – Thunder VS sun


In January 1, 2016 09:00 both sides is expected to debut: Ting: Russell, Robertson, Andre, Durant, Sergio, Steven - Adams - yibaka; Sun: Brandon knight, German - Tucker, Jon - Booker, PJ, Alex - Lynn Ruhr

Youter western sports: 14.5 points for the thunder ".

A conventional NBA Saixi area strength disparity match, all star striker Kevin Durant led the Oklahoma City thunder in the home court against Feinikesi sun. The two teams this season regular season second games this season, the thunder was in the home court victory over the sun, the fighting men in back-to-back home court battles defeated, the thunder did not take advantage of has the very reason.

Thunder and the suns in the history of a total of 226 times. The sun took the upper hand, made 124 wins and lost the last 102 games. But in recent years the two teams clash, the thunder twist, the last 18 games to win 15 games, including a 11 game winning streak. In the last 5 games, the thunder won the next 4 games. The last time the thunder beat the sun in November 9, 2015, they won with 124-103. Durant in the game of 19 shots, scoring 32 points and 11 rebounds and 4 assists, 21 points and 13 assists, less.

Thunder recently won the two game winning streak, the team is in good form this season, the thunder squad strength is quite amazing, the thunder now averaged 108.6 points, ranked second in the league, behind the warriors. The team currently record up to 22 wins and 10 losses, the home court achievement is reached 15 wins and 4 losses, only from nearly 6 battle performance, thunder game can score 114.5 points, the fire is one of the league, lost points per cent or so, the team performance is acceptable, the thunder two little Durant and Westbrook are quite good, but also the other players in the array can provide a powerful help for the team, the team strength are really extraordinary situation bad game in the face of the sun, thunder home court victory over the period.

The sun on the road with the Spurs to battle, the team losing streak to 6 games, the team morale has bottomed out, this season the sun bad performance, the team winning percentage is only about 3%, and the guest winrate is surprisingly low, the team still faces no small injury problems, the battle against the Spurs, the sun the team only scored in double figures 3, only 1 teams will lose 20 points, the final way was to suppress opponents of the sun unable to stand up, from the battle performance is not difficult to see the sun in the overall combat capability difference, the strength of back-to-back challenge another rival, so the sun's state of fear will be defeated.

Recommended thunder to win 14.5 points.