NBA – VS Miami Toronto recommended events

NBA赛事推荐-Toronto VS Miami

May 12, 2016 08:00Toronto VS MiamiThe two sides are expected to start:Toronto:Lori, DeRozan, Carol, Paterson, Bo billom;Miami Heat:De Rakic, Wade, Johnson, Deng, and Stoudemire.

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The second series began on the eve of a controversial move by Wade. When the national anthem played, the Canadian arena, Wade is still in the shooting, was blamed for the lack of respect for canada. Now Wade also entered the Air Canada hall, he apologized for this incident, and said he will be adjusted. "I don't have any disrespect." Wade said, I apologize to Canada, some people think I do not respect the country. I will adjust my preparation habits, obviously, I have great respect for the Raptors, I have great respect for the country of canada."

Now the heat needs someone to come forward in the inside, Stoudemire and Haslem to try to contribute to the team, especially in defense, Haslem to play the role of a veteran. At some point, he may be asked to play center, and he has to work hard to help the team. In the front line, the heat needs de Rakic, Johnson can bring offensive support, they must give enough help to the. Fourth games in overtime, de Rakic and Johnson have a good performance, they are one of the team to win, to Toronto, they will continue to maintain this state.

Miami without starting center, as well as the raptors. Jonas Vallance sprained right ankle has an early goodbye to this series, in his first three games and averaging 18.3 points and 12.7 rebounds, 64.9% shooting. With his absence, the Raptors shooting third from the 47.1%, down to fourth field 39.3%. Although Bi Yongbo can give the team in defensive rebounds and a lot of help, but his ability to attack and not with Jonas Vallance compared, which means that the two backcourt Raptors to take more responsibility.

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