QQ Wallet New Payment


Youter W88 website has launched QQ wallet deposit,Deposit limit 20-5000 yuanC + +, simple operation, scan code to pay the second to the account, the following Xiaobian take you to experience the deposit, you can immediately log in using this deposit Oh ~!

Log in to the official website to enter the deposit page, you choose [QQ wallet], as shown in the figure to fill the corresponding deposit amount,单笔Deposit limit 20-5000 yuan,每天存款无上限。


Fill in, click on [deposit] page will automatically jump to pay two-dimensional code as shown below.

Note: the following two-dimensional code for operating instructions only, not for real payment

W88官网QQ钱包支付Page Jump to the first two-dimensional code, you can log on the QQ using the sweep function, enter the payment page.


Scan code to pay the page as follows, click on the immediate payment can be.


After the payment is successful, the page jumps as follows:


The deposit shows success has been credited into account, you can log on official website of the fund management youter page query, as shown below:


How to query the QQ wallet transaction number

Step 1:Phone login QQ, click on the account of the QQ wallet.


Step 2:After entering the QQ wallet, click on the lower left corner of the account to view account details.


Step 3:After entering the account details, click on the upper right corner of the three bar line logo [transaction records].


Step 4:The page displays the transaction record details.


Step 5:Click on the corresponding transaction, the page will display the transaction order number.


Deposit success, you can immediately start the game

Warm tip: if you have a single deposit, please send the following information to the online customer service inquiries.
Order No.: XXXXXX
QQ transaction serial number: XXXXXX
Account number: XXXXXX
Transfer time: XXXXXX
Deposit amount: XXXXXX
You sent to customer service in accordance with the requirements, customer service will be the first time for you to submit the financial sector for processing, please rest assured deposit!

In case of any problems, please contact 24 hours online customer service inquiries, we will be happy to serve you!