Baidu wallet payments


Baidu wallet, founded by Baidu, the world's largest Chinese search engine company, is China's leading online payment application and service platform. Baidu wallet has the industry's leading payment technology for users of information, payment and account security escort. Youter W88 hereby introduced Baidu wallet for the majority of members, allowing users to enjoy a one-stop payment in the mobile era!

How to download Baidu wallet APP?

1, mobile phone into the Baidu page, search input[email  protected]** \/EnterBaidu wallet"Baidu Zhida. As shown in the following figure:


2, clickBaidu wallet"The"Secure download". As shown in the following figure:


[login method]

Baidu wallet supports two login modes:

1) Baidu account login.
2) mobile phone + SMS authentication, quick login.



Download Baidu wallet APP, bound to the corresponding bank card, you can enter the official website for the W88 to youter deposit oh

After entering the W88 official website login youter, deposit page selectionBaidu wallet"Payment method, input[deposit amount]Post Click[deposits]. As shown in the following figure:


Enter intoBaidu wallet"Mobile app client, click the top left corner of the home pageSweep away",扫描存款页面弹出The收款Two dimensional code". As shown in the following figure:

(请您在提交订单后TheFiveMinutePayment is completed within the order, otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically Then you need to deposit information, re submit deposit information, payment operations again!


即时支付,即时到账!方便、快捷又安全!Baidu wallet"您值得拥有!

If you encounter any queries during the payment process, please contact us promptly 7X24 hours online customer service. We will be happy to serve you!