NBA tournament recommendation – Bull VS Mavericks

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In January 16, 2016 09:00Bull calf VSThe two sides are expected starting:Bull:Ross, Butler, Milo Diqy, Gibson, and Gasol;Calf:Williams, Mathews, Parsons, Nowitzki, Zaza pachulia.

Youter western sports chupan: bulls make 2.5 points.

9:00 on Saturday morning, the NBA regular season and a bull fight, the history of the young MVP Derek - Ross led the Chicago bulls at home court against all star veteran Dirk - Weiss Nobel based leader of the Dallas mavericks. The two teams this season regular season second games this season, the bulls had away defeat Dallas, the easy to fight again, under the bull to regain a city with home court advantage.

The bull recent losing streak to 3 games, the team yearn with a victory to stop bleeding, as a rate close to 6 wins and a strong, bull kept up to 16 wins and 6 losses in the home court, home court team combat capability indubitability, arguably has numerous star war bulls squad is not weak, but the team Zhucheng will play together into suffering, it is also the main reason why the bull cannot get higher scores in the game in the face of a bull or a cowboy, from the defensive to start, can refer to the Spurs in the play on multiple sets of squad rotation mode to the enemy, so also can solve difficult coexistence trouble star.

The Mavericks recent losing streak to two games, the team looks quite bad, compared with bulls, the Mavericks veteran team in the majority, the rhythm of some relatively slow, and the team this season. In general, the games are still on the road net lost 2.5 points on the battle at challenge thunder, the Mavericks let Dirk fighting back to back Williams, Ariza, Parsons, and Mathews the 5 Lord of holiday, so the team nature cannot break through the thunder and the challenge, the energy has been restored after Dallas, this can play a more defensive ends in a team, the team still have the chance to win.

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