England super league tournament – Newcastle VS Manchester United

英格兰超级联赛-Newcastle VS Manchester United-优德W88官网

In January 13, 2016 03:45Newcastle VS Manchester UnitedThe two sides are expected starting:Newcastle:Elliot, Matt, Yang mbemba, Du Mei, Wijnaldum, Fabricio, Colbeck, Sissoko, Mitrovic, Peres, tiote;Manchester United:David De Gea, Ashley, Yang, Damian, Smolin blinder, Carrick, Schneider, Lin Jiade, Herrera, Marshall, Lin, Rooney.

Youter western sports: let 0.5-1 ball chupan united.

The twenty-seventh round of a focus of the war, by Manchester United away to newcastle. Newcastle nearly five War 1 wins 1 flat 3 negative results, nearly three games were swallowed defeat and are 0 to 1 defeat. The team at the weekend's FA Cup in 0, losing more than 1 outstanding performance in Waterford this season, no surprise opponent was eliminated; the current performance team won 4 wins 5 flat 11 negative, accumulate 17 points ranked eighteenth in the league, with 2 points and safety area of Swansea.

Newcastle has done badly this season and is currently ranked third in the league. Although the team prior to a period of time there are some good play, but conceal the overall downturn. Coach Mcclaren regarded the game as one of the key to avoid relegation battle, the team almost gave up after Waterford and the FA Cup, the heart of preparing for this field and Manchester united. From the previous game can be seen in the defensive side of the team's performance is very bad, and they have a lot of injuries have a great relationship. After goalkeeper Krul was injured in a ring on the team's goalkeeper problem has not been resolved, although goalkeeper Elliot is very hard, but the ability of the gap so that he could not give the team a stable defense.

Manchester United's performance this season, it seems that people can not see the hope, in Van Gaal's control of the ball playing team is simply a lullaby. In their team are empty ball to complete the goal, until the last FA Cup against Sheffield United in the last moment with Rooney's penalty defeat. The whole team play procrastination not before, players seem filling is not too good, Rooney, Mata and Marshall three people only Marshall showed certain ability.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game the ball wins Newcastle recommended 0.5-1.