French League Cup – Lille VS Bordeaux

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In January 27, 2016 04:00Bordeaux VS LilleThe two sides are expected starting:Lille:Mark maignien, Greek force, shellfish, Keerqiya, Sai Mavuba, Bose Jacques, Obbadi, Balmont, boolean method, the Theil Road, zia;Bordeaux:Carazo, Pa Royce, Castro, Gul Bert, AI Ponty, Charlie Tohme, Jaric, Belai, Maurice khazri, Seiwert, Diego rowland.

Youter western sports: Lille chupan let 0-0.5 ball.

The first game of the FA Cup semi-final will be played at the Bordeaux Stadium on the side of Lille. Lille League home court 1:3 against Troyes, currently in the league has 4 rounds extremely, slump, now product 25 points ranked 14 in the league. The Bordeaux round league and Nantes battle 2:2 draw, currently 30 points ranked eighth in the league, 4 points away from the European war. The team is currently facing three lines of combat, players in the physical will be a great test, the field is not too high.

Over the weekend in Lille played a game worthy of the name of warm, they are actually home court with the score 1-3 defeat vice monitor Troyes, the first victory of the season to troyes. Considering the Carling Cup this week, the team really can understand the main part of frozen, but obviously overestimated the Lille bench strength, especially the substitute defensive ability, change the main part behind the game after it was too late, but from another point of view, the team is of considerable importance to this the Carling Cup game.

Last weekend, Bordeaux also failed to win, they are on the road to the score of 2-2 draw with Nantes, Lille and some similar, the team also suspended most of the main team, visible degree of attention to the game. Recently, Bordeaux state maintained quite well in all competitions, the team has a total of 11 games unbeaten, including domestic league, domestic cup, and European competition this season, the second half of the season the team play is better than the first half of the season, and as the French League Cup trophy winning team they can say, not behind in any team in the League Cup experience.

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