NBA tournament recommended – Knight vs thunder

NBA赛事推荐-骑士 vs 雷霆

December 18th 9:00, Knight vs thunder is expected,The two sides starting lineup: Thunder Team: Wesbrook, Robson, Durant, yibaka, Adams, the Cavaliers: della Vedova, Smith, Lebron, Loew, Mozgov.

The game youter western sports: 3 points for the Knights ".

3 winning streak tomorrow will be at home against thunder. Jandu's long battle again. This is also the season for the first time against last season two teams score tied at 1, both in their own home court winning. The thunder home court with 9 points won that game, James did not play due to injury, back to the home court, led the team to 10 points of revenge. Thunder recent momentum is quite good, have won 5 straight games against the Blazers before the road is the first victory over the Grizzlies, then back-to-back 4 win over the jazz. More strange is the 8 game of the season, the thunder lost, there are actually 6 Baidong team field is given by. Knight has just returned home with 2 straight wins, home to the top 10 wins and losses of only lost to the Wizards of the 1.

So far this season, the Knights play stability, their last game away win over the Celtics again won 3 straight, the best. Get rid of the previous straight downturn, is currently ranked first in the East, in addition, due to injury this season did not hit a Kaili Erwin earlier in the social media implied in this field and the thunder game could return, Knight squad will become complete. Lebron - James in the team's current winning streak, the field can contribute 27.3 points, shooting rate of 57.6%. And in the past 6 games against the thunder he can also be down 33.8 points, shooting rate of 55.6%. At present the team 16 wins and 7 losses.

Thunder side, the current state of the team is very good, they have made 6 winning streak, there is no doubt that Durant and Westbrook is the key to winning the team has been a state of ascension. In this round of winning streak, Durant averaged 25.5 points, although the average score of the season was low by 1.8 points, but his shooting rate of up to 58.4%, the offensive efficiency of 112.2 is even better than the 2013-14 season. But the problem is just the day before the home to play the Blazers, the game also flew to the Far East Cleveland play away, physical factors need to be considered.

Recommend Knight let 3 points wins.