How do I set up popular browsers to allow popups?


When you use the browser, will you experience a new window that doesn't pop up? In this case you whether the third party payment in [W88] youter will encounter? The following small hand to teach you how to solve the browser settings, you no longer have to worry about the deposit operation ~!

IE browser

Step1:Open the IE browser, click the settings button, and then click the Internet option command.


Step 2:Click the Privacy tab, click Remove, uncheck the enable pop-up blocker, and click ok.



Step 1:In the browser menu bar (if the menu bar does not appear, click the keyboard "Alt" button to bring up the menu bar), select Tools > Click options".


Step 2:In the pop-up "options" window, click the "content" option to remove the "stop pop-up window" click the OK button.



Step 1:Open your browser and use it on the toolbarGoogle Chrome menu. Click on the menu in the top right corner of the browser. Select [settings].


Step 2:At the bottom of the settings page, click [show advanced settings], as shown below in the privacy settings section, click content settings.


Step 3:stayThe pop-up window section allows you to allow all sites to display pop-up windows". All operations completed.


360 browser

Step 1:Open the options on the tools menu".

360 browser窗口拦截1

Step 2:找到“广告过滤”,现stay拦截模式是“开启拦载”,如果要开通所有弹出窗口,可以把这个勾去掉,如果只是开启部分网页的弹出窗口,上面有个“管理例外网站”按钮。

360 browser窗口拦截2

Step 3:For security, I open the administration exception site button by adding an exception site.

360 browser窗口拦截3

Step 4:打网址复制到文本框,直接回车,鼠标移到已添加的网址上stay右边会出现“删除”按钮,可以删除。

360 browser窗口拦截4

Sogou browser

Step 1:点击Sogou browser右上角的“工具”→选择“广告过滤”→将“启用弹出窗口拦截”前面的“√”去掉,刷新即可。

Sogou browser

Baidu browser

Step 1:打开Baidu browser,stay地址栏中输入bdbrowser://settings按回车键打开。

Step 2:Left click Advanced settings.

Step 3:stay高级设置页面中找到“广告过滤”,将所stay的模块拉到最低位置,即不拦截。

Baidu browser如何允许弹窗

Step 4:Close the browser and reopen it.


Click on the lower right corner of the browser "advertising, Hunter" will "enable blocking popups" in front of the "V" can be removed, refresh.


QQ browser


QQ browser