The Premier League Manchester VS recommended – Leicester

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In February 6, 2016 23:00Manchester City VS LeicesterThe two sides are expected starting:City:Hart, Demichelis, Otamendi, Kolarov, Sagna, Phil Nandy Neo, David Silva, Yaya Toure and I Henar Jo, Aguero, Stryn;Eli Chester:Pepo Schmeichel, Fuxisi, Robert, Moore, Simpson, Orr Brandon, Kanter, Gan, Derek Wouter, Maher, Vardi, Okazaki Shinji lester.

Youter western sports: -1 ball chupan manchester.

The Premier League this Saturday morning staged at Manchester City, sits at the Etihad Stadium against lead You Eli Chester home court. At present, 3 points behind Manchester City Leicester, this battle is likely to become the decision of the Premier League this season championship battle of King mountain".

Manchester City have done well recently, after all, it's not difficult to get good results in the Premier League with their squad. The team is now showing the ability of more robust, such as 1 to 0 victory over Sunderland on the wheel is the ability to reflect. The team is now not only have to buy their own star players training is to expose the towering, like the biggest Nigeria striker I Cyna Jo is the club's Academy, now he has replaced Boni position in the team for Aguero to find a good partner in attack.

Leicester city this season can not be used to describe the performance of the dazzling and dazzling. If someone says to you at the start of the season that they can top the list now, you will think that the other person is crazy. But the fact is that, and from now on, it's not impossible for them to be black. The team is not very good, but the complete lineup let them fast in the league. A defender Andrea Morgan and Robert has a very rich experience in the Premier League, but also on the front of the Trident, Okazaki Shinji Vardi and Maheras combined to stir up the Premiership roll.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Leicester transferee 1 ball wins.