NBA event recommended – Thunder VS Timberwolves

NBA赛事推荐-Thunder VS forest wolf-优德W88官网March 12, 2016 09:00Thunder VS forest wolfThe two sides are expected to start:Thunder:Durant, Weiss,, Ibaka, and Adams, and by the way of the words of the author, such as, by the way of the;The forest wolf:Wiggins, Downes, Rubio, and Duhem lavin.

Youter western sports: Thunder -12.5 3.

Durant's condition is extremely stable, previously, he has seven consecutive games to get at least 25 points and 10 rebounds and 5 assists, since 1976, NBA and ABA since the merger, Durant 25+10+5 screenings beyond Jordan (1988-89 season, six consecutive games), tying the 1981-82 season Larry Bo De, tied for first, if the Adu campaign once again get the data, he also will create a new record.

Thunder strong recent performance, a thunder home court against the Western giants play the clippers, twin dominance, Westbrook scored three double 25+20+11 outbreak, the full expression of Durant also has 30+10+7, Gemini. The Clippers outside, led the team to 12 points wins the home court, nearly 2 games 2 wins, gradually recover. Durant and Wei less is two of the world's best league, averaging two people to work together to contribute 52.2 points, at present, Durant has got four consecutive 30+, with great firepower, and three double Wei anywhere from a monster, in a battle against the clippers, he scored 25 points in 19 the large three assists and 11 rebounds double this season, less Wei had already got the 11 three pairs, and Green tied for first in the league.

Minnesota on a GDP holiday home court defeat the Spurs, suffered 2 defeats in 5 games, only 1 wins and 4 negative state downturn, although the team new champion Downes outstanding performance in rookie list, Laverne and Wiggins also gifted, but the team is too young, lack of competition experience, currently only 20 wins 45 of the negative record in the West from the bottom third, basically missed the playoffs. Double headed wolf is still growing and progress among them, Downes in the past 10 games in the field were to get a total of 22 points and 10.4 rebounds, in recent days, the state of the war in the world in three to pick up, the field can get a total of 24.7 points.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to make 12.5 points wins the thunder.