PT big winner


Endless deep-sea big winners take you to explore the mystery of the sea, simple creative table game allows you to stop! Three strong guns captured Two0 different types of deep-sea creatures, using small equipment function to increase the hit rate, winning 888 gold dragon capture! Wonderful fishing season, every shot will let you have unexpected harvest oh!

The game uses a new technology and game effects, and integrated a variety of gameplay, and strive to create a new fishing game! The use of ThreeD technology to the latest PT platform is more realistic and three-dimensional picture, the designers to create an exclusive background sound, and more interesting gameplay, let the fishing game become the Two0One7 most popular video games at the beginning.

[deep sea winner] for the PT platform's fishing game, so you need to transfer your money to[Andy (PT + live slot machine)]Wallet can play games. Following figure:


After the transfer is complete, select[game] - [deep sea winner] - [immediately]Can. Following figure:


The winner of the deep sea aims to win a cash prize by shooting. Has been a number of video game enthusiasts have long been concerned about the red list quickly jumped to the first place, becoming a popular game! There have been a lot of fishing enthusiasts into this new and interesting fishing game.


Click on any of the three optional game modes to start the game. The shooting position is always located in the middle of the bottom of the game window, click the [] and [+] button at the bottom of the game window to select the number of coins. After pointing, click on the screen to shoot anywhere. Move the mouse to adjust the direction of the gun aiming, press the space bar on the keyboard to shoot, every time a fire will be fired. You can also use the automatic shooting function, the game will be directed at the direction of the mouse cursor at a constant rate of automatic shooting. Double click on the blank area of the game window to open the auto fire mode. Move the mouse cursor to adjust the direction of the bullet. Click any blank area to end the auto fire mode.

Game mode:

Deep sea winnerThere are three game modes. Each game mode has a different amount of betting and a different number of guns. Following figure:


Game mode A bet Playable gun
One One &#8TwoOneOne; 9个硬币 One
Two One0 &#8TwoOneOne; 90个硬币 Two
Three One00 &#8TwoOneOne; One,000个硬币 Three

Coin conversion:One元=One0硬币 One硬币=0.One元



The PT client has been synchronized with the newDeep sea winnerLet you omit the cumbersome login page. Following figure:


PT client and web pages and pages are consistent. Following figure:


Deep sea winner高达Two0多种鱼类捕捉,惊喜不间断,弹无虚发,保证每颗子弹都能打到鱼。游戏内建弹跳功能,直到打到鱼才会消失,绝对不会浪费您的每一颗子弹!


The most important point, not "fishing" but "fishing here"! 000 gun volley of pleasure, is the characteristics of PT. To seize the deep sea Jinlong, together with a gun it ~!