The French sports recommended – Paris Saint Germain VS Bastia

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In January 9, 2016 03:30Paris Saint Germain VS BastiaThe two sides are expected starting:Paris Saint Germain:Trapp, Tiago Silva, David Lewis, Markwei Niosi, Lucas, Mota, Kurt Zawa, Lydia, Pastoret, Ibrahimovic, Wei cavani;Bastia:J-, Squillaci, Ma Lan, Leica, Per Bemays, GE dicu, DeNike, Hu fofanah, Palmieri Zaki, Mustafa card, Kumar nobel.

Youter western sports: "Paris St Germain 2.5 ball.

Friday night, the French League resumes, currently at the top of a thriving Champions Paris Saint Germain at princes Park Stadium, against sixteenth ranked Bastia, this field will be on January 8th at 20:30 local time.

During the winter break team participated in an official game, that is the French Cup 32 tournament, the team faced amateur team on the road has not achieved the expected victory, only through the 1-0 win promotion, certainly considering the team most of the main players are not war, this kind of results can also be understood. First half of the league, the team did not lose, in fact this season from the beginning to now, they lose the game is also one of the few, but in the Champions League defeat to real madrid. The second half of the season, the team will put more effort in the UEFA Champions League game in the league, they may not like the first half of the season but Everything is going smoothly. by virtue of their superior strength, want to lose, too, may draw only increased.

The current team in the Premiership sixteenth, scored 22 points this season's relegation from the French pass line 40 points not too far. The winter market, Bastia had planned to introduce a defensive midfielder, and an able second half substitute, which brings to the team attacking strikers, but from the current situation, the two players are not yet in place. Bastia is not rich in many clubs in the French team last season, the winter signings plan because of the economic problems this season doesn't know whether to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, repeat. In addition, the team also took part in the French Cup, they won the game in the 2-0 score to win, at least from the game, the team's condition is still good.

The 10 game against Paris Saint Germain before, made 9 wins 1 of the negative record of good, but Bastia is on a season once broke the biggest upset in France, with a 4-2 win over Paris Saint germain.

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