NBA tournament recommended – magic VS Blazers

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In December 19, 2015 08:00Magic VS PortlandThe NBA regular season in a battle between the East and the west, at the Amway arena against Portland magic. Who is your favorite, please pay attention!

The game youter western sports: 5 points for the magic ".

Magic on a home 113-98 won the Hornets, made 2 winning streak, nearly 5 home also has a record of 4 wins and 1 losses. The magic win win in the team, the team has 7 players in double figures, which Frye scored 17 points, shooting 7 of 5 shots, three balls are 7 throw in 5. Some of the state of the Blazers is not stable, the last game in the 90-106 lost to the thunder, just win was hit, the recent win is not a winning streak record. Score less Portland, Maikaolun contributed 24 points, Lillard 20 points, perlong Bromley 14 points, the team only three players scored in double figures, other players do not give enough support on the offensive end. The past, the magic field of nearly 10 4 wins and 6 losses, 6 wins and 2 home court.

The magic of the recent strong rebound, won the nets and the Hornets, the home court winning security before the battle is completely out of the shadow in the home court to knight. The team is currently fighting high performance back on track, played our combat style. With a total of 6 nets game team players scored in double figures, the hit rate reached 53.9%. In the face of hornets, the team is more than 7 pairs of scores. It can be seen that the magic team overall health, the team more than the characteristics of the flower also makes it difficult for the general team to arrange targeted defense. Until now, the magic in the performance of both ends is balanced, they are credited with 100.6 points, while scoring 2.1 points, but the team at present with 14 wins and 11 losses record behind the eastern seventh.

The Blazers have 2 wins and 2 negative results in nearly 4 games, the team present fleet, which certainly is not easy, this season the Blazers squad as before, due to the recent team squad mediocre to keep stable power, especially on the road this season, Portland Road record is only 5 - 10, the team's performance is no guarantee. On the first open challenge thunder guest in five, they defeated 90-106, a pioneer in the offensive end, over reliance on Lillard and McCallum the two guns, and the rest of the team performance in general. The Blazers offense in Lillard (24.7 PPG) under the leadership of the team currently play a more substantial, averaging 101.6 points scored, but the team defense is weak, games are as high as 102.1 points, which also leads to poor team record, currently 11 wins and 16 losses, ranked eleventh in the western.