Enjoy the summer fun, tickets only 5 yuan!The activity is over, thank you!


Only Five yuan that has the opportunity to participate in the summer GPI $SixEightEight tournament, not missed opportunity!

Rules and provisions:

The following is the details and timing of the GPI summer time TwoEightEight dollar tournament:

time Registration fee Management expense Minimum number Maximum number Blind setting Starting chip bonus
每天下午OneFive:ZeroZero:ZeroZero  (北京time) Five yuan Zero Two EightZero Five minutes FiveZeroZeroZero Starting chip TwoEightEight 元


    1. 参加GPI夏季欢乐时光TwoEightEight元锦标赛的途径,除了支付Five yuanRegistration fee,玩家还可以通过以下方式获得:
      • 在GPI夏季锦极速LVFive中获得第Two名。
    2. Limited number of entries, the first come first served principle.
    3. Players need to register before the start of the tournament.
    4. Virtual chips are not cash, can not withdraw.
    5. 本次比赛bonus由GPI赞助提供。
    6. Game list update.
Ranking Two-Nine OneZero-TwoSeven TwoEight-ThreeSix ThreeSeven-FourFive FourSix-FiveFour FiveFive-SixThree SixFour-SevenTwo SevenThree-EightZero
One SixFive% SFTSixEightEight FiveZero% SFTSixEightEight FourFive% SFTSixEightEight FourZero% SFTSixEightEight ThreeSeven% SFTSixEightEight ThreeFive% SFTSixEightEight ThreeTwo.Five% SFTSixEightEight ThreeZero% SFTSixEightEight
Two ThreeFive% SFTSixEightEight ThreeZero% SFTSixEightEight ThreeZero% SFTSixEightEight TwoSeven% SFTSixEightEight TwoFive% SFTSixEightEight TwoTwo.Five% SFTSixEightEight TwoOne% SFTSixEightEight TwoZero% SFTSixEightEight
Three Zero% SFTSixEightEight TwoZero% SFTSixEightEight OneFive% SFTSixEightEight OneFive% SFTSixEightEight OneFive% SFTSixEightEight OneFive% SFTSixEightEight OneFive% SFTSixEightEight OneFive% SFTSixEightEight
Four OneZero% OneZero% OneZero% OneZero% OneZero% OneZero%
Five Eight% Seven.Five% Seven.Five% Seven.Five% Seven.Five%
Six Five.Five% Five.Five% Five.Five% Five.Five%
Seven Four.Five% Four.Five% Four.Five%
Eight Four% Four%
Nine Three.Five%


  1. Players eligible for cash prizes.
  2. 玩家须在锦标赛结束后获得Ranking,才有资格获得现金大奖。获胜Ranking请参考bonus结构表。
  3. The cash prize will be added to the winner's Dezhou mahjong account at the end of the tournament.
  4. Click here to view the GPI season faq.
  5. WEightEight有权随时取消此次活动,取消个别或所有玩家的参赛资格。