How to add and manage bank account information?

Youter W88 add and manage bank account information function has been on the line! Bank card, WeChat, Alipay and QQ account can bind bank account. In many ways, convenient ~ Youde W88 to help you deposit a helping hand!

Bank transfer deposit information, you need to complete the verification bank information, prompted as follows:


Please click on the login status[personal data]Choice[bank details]. Following chart:


If you are editing your bank card data, you can add it[bank account], [WeChat], [Alipay] and [QQ] account.

Bank account:Add most[Five]AWeChat:Add most[Five]AAlipay: Add most[3]individual

QQ: Add most[10]individual


银行账户需Choice[bank name] [sub branch information] [address] [bank card number]. If you need to set the header option for this binding bank information, please[set as preferred]前标记 一下勾选即可. Following chart:


The system allows members to join at mostFiveindividual银行帐户. Following chart:


会员可自行修改分行和地址信息. Following chart:


微信、支付宝和QQ 账户仅需添加相应账号即可. Following chart:


When you don't add enough accounts, there will be buttons to add accounts, and in specific ways the page will have text reminders.
例如:您还可以添加1individual支付宝账户,Figure 1 below.

在您添加到系统规定的账户数量(例如微信Fiveindividual)时,页面上方的添加按钮将消失.如果您点击删除的按钮(删除1individual),您删除绑定的账户将不会显示在银行信息页面.同时,您也无法在银行信息页面再次添加微信账户(记录已达到上限).As shown in Figure 2.


If you are editing your bank account, you can only edit the bank name, branch information and address, and no other changes can be made(for example, the name of the bank account and the name of the member's page).



If you make withdrawals, you need to use a bound bank account for cash withdrawals(any binding active bank account)There are no bank accounts that are not bound and cannot be drawn. Click on them[manage your bank account]进行绑定信息. Following chart:

点击[manage your bank account]-优德W88官网

Common problem:若您使用未添加过的银行卡操作存提款,页面将提示您先更新individual人资料的银行账户信息才可继续操作!优德W88一般建议您使用已添加过且当前活跃状态的银行账户进行存提款操作~


If you encounter any problems when you add and manage the bank account, please contact our 7X24 hour online customer service in time, and we will be happy to serve you!