Jingdong wallet payments


[Jingdong wallet] safe, convenient and portable electronic payment wallet. Easy to operate, easy to pay, anytime, anywhere, one hand control. Android (Android) version and (iPhone) apple version download is available now. Deposit worry, immediate arrival, immediately download the fun experience ~!

As the current Jingdong wallet online payment platform, Alipay, WeChat and the familiar QQ wallet users have too big change in operation does not, but for some not used online payment users is a problem. The following Xiaobian give you a brief talk about how to use the "Jingdong wallet" payment method when the website deposits!

Jingdong has 3 APP- [Jingdong wallet] [Jingdong] [Jingdong finance].

At present, [Jingdong wallet] scan code function has been moved to [Jingdong finance]. Following chart:


You need to download[Jingdong] APP or [Jingdong finance] APP,These 2 APP can sweep yards pay. Following chart:

After the download is complete, please login youter W88 official website, enter the account page selection[Jingdong wallet]Payment method, input[存款金额】Post Click[存款】. As shown in the following figure:

Single deposit limit: 20-1000 yuan.


Please get in"Jingdong" or "Jingdong finance""Mobile app client, click the top left corner of the home page"Sweep, sweep"Scans the deposit page for pop-up receiptsTwo dimensional code". As shown in the following figure:

(after you submit the order5 minutesPayment is completed within the order, otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically Then you need to deposit information, re submit deposit information, payment operations again!


Immediate payment, immediate arrival! Anytime, anywhere, quick payment, for you to create a more complete way of network payment ~!

If you encounter any queries during the payment process, please contact us promptly 7X24 hours online customer service. We will be happy to serve you!