The championship tournament – Fulham VS Ipswich

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In December 16, 2015 03:45Fulham VS IpswichThis game is a wonderful fight, who can have the last laugh, please pay attention!

The game is recommended and the bureau.

Beijing time on December 16th at 3:45 in the morning, the twenty-first round of the championship team will play against Fulham Ipswich in the home court. The traditional backbone of Premier League Fulham since the 2013\/14 season relegated to the championship after scoresdeclined, last season ranked seventeenth in the championship, up to 83 goals in all the teams ranked second, bean dregs remarkable defence. After the 20 game of the season is only 9 points ahead of the relegation zone ranked seventeenth, the defensive line is still a serious problem, back up to 35 goals as the best striker scored the other partner brush. The Epps Vecchi belongs to the middle or lower echelon is the championship last season, due to the excellent performance and ultimately won the upgrade playoff qualification, but the team's gas field is obviously not enough, in the face of Norwich when a ping negative no upgrade. So far this season, the team performance is very eye-catching, 20 games made 8 wins 7 flat 5 negative temporarily ranked sixth, the game against Fulham last season double play, team psychological advantage is not small.

Fulham recently state play a downturn, a month ago, coach Simmons bad fired coach Gray took office last week, the first team has not changed the weak strong defensive attack situation, eventually Brent Ford 2-2 draw. In the six round of the league can not win, has slipped to seventeenth in the league, a serious state record; to have a great relationship with their loose defense, the 20 cruised Fulham lost 35 goals, averaging 1.75 goals is the highest rate of the championship team, only a few Biluose Beckham. At present already 6 rounds extremely ranked seventeenth, may even face relegation.

Ipswich recent good situation, nearly 6 rounds won 4 games, the last round away win over Milton Keynes, ranked sixth. The team also finally upgrade zone occupies a stable position, which recently won 3 straight away, nearly ten games record of 4 wins 4 flat 2 negative harvest, the road performance is among the best in the championship. Epps Vecchi state of the recent recovery in good condition is largely due to the number one striker Dani Murphy, coach Mccarthy's three strikers rather aggressive strike partner as deputy pitman's performance this season as well, the ability of the front positioning centre is not a small glimpse.