How to avoid the annual quota for Alipay and WeChat?


In this convenient payment era, most mobile phone owners have to use Alipay or WeChat payment habits. Whether it is transfer or shopping, sweeping yards, payments, etc., will encounter the payment of the annual limit. The following Xiaobian teach you easy to deal with, encountered these two platforms, how to solve the problem of payment limit?!

WeChat change payment 200 thousand \/ year limit


The Alipay balance payment limit is divided into three types of accounts:

Class 1: bind a bank card. (1000 yuan \/ life)

Class II: bind a bank card or upload an identity card on the basis of a class. (100 thousand \/ year)

Class III: in class II completed on the basis of the following two types: Alipay pay water, electricity, gas, cable television fees; use Alipay to buy insurance, buy train tickets, buy tickets; open sesame credit. (200 thousand \/ year)

Among them, the use of the balance of any payment of consumption (excluding withdrawals), including the balance of money into the balance treasure, and transfer to others, will reduce the amount of the balance payment.


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WeChat, when you exceed the limit, bind the bank card, use the bank card to pay. This method is simple, direct and effective.

Although Alipay has to pay the balance of the limit, but the use of bank cards, the balance of treasure, payment and other payment instruments. Flower consumption is not included in the balance of payments.

1, the use of bank cards, quick payment, direct use of the amount of bank cards.


2, use the balance treasure pay, pay attention toThe balance is automatically transferred to the balance treasure"Turn off the button, or you will be deducted from the amount of the balance.


3, ants spend money, enjoy 1 months of interest free period, maturity, directly from the bank card repayment, will not deduct 200 thousand limit.


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