Virtual sports games to win bonus 88 yuanThe activity is over, thank you!


Based on full real data, high-frequency sports betting 24 hours a day without clearance! Average 3 minutes speed experience, betting lottery, a lot, a lot of opportunities, good luck does not stop, easily enjoy a dividend of Eighty-eight!

Rules and provisions:
The 1 event started on January 11, 2016 00:00 (Beijing time), as of 23:59 (Beijing time) on January 17, 2016.
2 this offer is only applicable to the registration of the WEighty-eight membership youter rmb.
3 of the concession period, who is betting on "virtual youter sports" game, every single minimum bet is 20 yuan, not limited to the game (football \/ basketball \/ tennis \/ horse \/ dog). Bet the following day to meet the requirements of winning, you can get the corresponding bonus, as follows:
Even win times bonus
Even win 5 hands Fifty-eight
Even win 6 hands Sixty-eight
Even win 7 hands Seventy-eight
Even win 8 hands Eighty-eight

4 members will meet the requirements of the user name and note details (winning innings, first to the last number sent to the Bureau of betting)Protected]; [email&#160** \/ 邮箱,标题为:虚拟体育连赢bonus。
8 draw, bet, cancel, invalid bureau is not counted as valid note.
10 does not allow any bet on gambling, once discovered will be abolished and the corresponding amount of dividends confiscated.