The first round of the French 2017-2018 event recommended

2017-2018 法甲第1轮赛事推荐

Beijing time on August 5, 2017 at the 02:452017-2018 season opener in the French League officially kicked off, Monaco Toulouse home court. There are still some differences between the two host and guest teams in their strength.

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/8\/05 (Saturday) 02:45 Monaco Toulouse
2017\/8\/05 (Saturday) 23:00 Paris Saint Germain Amiens
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 02:00 Metz Guingamp
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 02:00 Troyes Ryan
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 02:00 Saint Etienne Nice
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 02:00 Montpelier Caen
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 02:00 Leon Stella J
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 21:00 Lille Nantes
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 23:00 Angers Bordeaux
2017\/8\/06 (Sunday) 03:00 Marseille Dijon


Home teamMonaco可以说是一支有着过硬实力的队伍。在球场上队员们也是积极地发挥自己所有的本领,在进攻方面也是比较积极的,在进攻时会考虑队友之间的配合,可以说在实战经验丰富,在近期的比赛中,整支队伍表现的也是非常好的。

Visiting teamToulouse在上个赛季的比赛过程中也只能说不怎么尽如人意,在比赛过程中,队员们之间的配合不够到位,而且没有团队意识,不懂得利用团队进行比赛,队员本身的球技还不够熟练,并且对比赛的节奏也是把握不好。

Of course, in the face of some of the powerful strength of the team, just rely on tactics can not speak, only the players on its own strength, to gain the victory, just look at the two teams performance in this game.