Luan reality Club – new game hall


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Based on the classic game jialuan Club hall, has added a new game hall.


After entering the game, the home page can choose the type of game: dragon, tiger, baccarat, baccarat, dice, roulette. Following chart:


Figure 2 for jialuan wallet balance, click the above 1 menu keys, details as below:


Video frequency:Adjust picture definition.

Sound effects:Switch background sound.

Support center:Jump to the game help page to view all the rules of the game.

Figure 3 lucky selection table, the system will randomly enter a selected game type table. As shown on the above page, choose the Dragon Tiger baccarat game, click the lucky table, the system will randomly enter a dragon tiger baccarat game table.

Figure 4 instant bets, click in, you can check the game type selected game table, you can bet multiple tables at the same time. If the page chooses the dragon, tiger, baccarat, click[instant bet]That will show a Longhu baccarat game table. Following chart:


1, return to the game home page

2, add the same type of game table, as follows:


3, betting area & lottery details

Figure 5, select the console, the system will only randomly jump a dragon tiger baccarat table.

Figure 6 is the selection of the game type and details of the lottery.


Figure 1: show the name of the game and the number of the table, click可选择投注金额-优德W88官网Optional bet amount.当前投注人数-优德W88官网This shows the current number of bets on this table.

Figure 2: shows the latest issue of lottery results

Figure 3: show the directions of the current game table.

After entering the game, the page displays as follows:


Figure 1, click to change other game tables.

Figure 2 from left to right: picture sharpness adjustment and update the page, the rules of the game, return to the game hall.

Figure 3 shows the current balance and the current bet amount.

Figure 4, click百家乐 龙虎-优德W88官网Is baccarat and dragon tiger way switch, click庄闲大小-优德W88官网It is a way to change leisure and size.

Figure 5 shows the betting history

Figure 6 shows multiple game tables and bets at the same time. Following chart:


1, each game table above will display the game name and table number, click百家乐-优德W88官网Other game tables can be switched.
2, click on the top right corner of the table切换-优德W88官网You can switch to the big screen in the center.

The browser and version of this game are supported as follows:

Mobile phone system:Apple (IOS 8 and above), Android (4.1.1 and above)

Mobile phone browser:Apple - &gt, Safari, Android - &gt, Google (native, browsers, individual support)

Individual support native browsers refers to the following mobile browser:

[Samsung note 5] [S6 edge] [S6 edge+] [S6] [S5]

Computer web page:

Win, XP and above systems, using Google, Firefox and safari browser.

If you encounter any problems in the game, please contact us in 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!