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New lotto game [drawing ghost feet], according to popular Korean painting, ghost feet game adaptation. The ladder of prediction wins the prize! Exciting and mysterious game veil, you announced, refused to fight!!!

Game introduction

Painting ghost feet is a popular Korean game, "painting ghost feet" innovative, improved Lotto game. The game uses climbing ladders from the starting point to the finish line. The game randomly selects the left or right as the starting point and length of the ladder (Three or Four feet).


Before climbing the ladder, cover the ladder to hide its foot count.


Before the ladder starts, members may bet on any or all of the following betting types: starting point, leg number, target, and combination of target and foot count.

The ladder will show the ladder after it begins. After that, the game will select a starting point, then climb the ladder, and eventually reach an odd or even number of targets. When climbing a ladder, if the game meets a horizontal line, thenMustThrough this line, you can get to another vertical line and continue climbing down until you reach the finish line.


You can bet on the betting type as explained below.

The official ladder results in strict time constraints on each area of the game's extraction. In the following circumstances, the game platform reserves the right to cancel or cancel the results of the climbing ladder.

  • The official climbing ladder failed to reach for a long time
  • Official ladder results were announced before the system closed

Please enter your mobile betting link:M.w88.comGo to the web page and click on the login status[Lotto]Choice[drawing ghost feet]Game。




The game home page contains options for betting, lottery results, and total betting information.


Left of the game page[three]You can view the beginning of betting, history, lottery results, reports, rules of the game, on \/ off sound, and other information.


Bet type

1. starting point

Select the starting point of the ladder crawl.

Left:The ladder starts from the left.

Right:The ladder starts from the right.

Such as:

Members choose to bet on the right as a starting point, betting @100 yuan, odds @1.95

The ladder starts from the right, and the members will win 195 yuan [100 X 1.95]

2. terminus

Select the end of the ladder.

Singular:The ladder is finished from the left.

Even numbers:The ladder is finished from the right

Such as:

The choice of the members even betting, betting odds @100 yuan, @1.95

The ladder ends from the right, and the member will win 195 yuan [100X1.95]

Three. feet

Choose betting ladders to crawl Three or Four feet.



Such as:会员选择投注Three,投注@100元,赔率@1.95



这是终点(单number或Even numbers)和脚number(Three或Four)的组合投注选项。

Even numbersX footnumberThree (双Three): 梯子将爬过Three条平行的腿并从右边结束。

Even numbers X footnumberFour (双Four): 梯子将爬过Four只平行的脚并从右边结束。

单numberX footnumberThree (单Three):梯子将爬过Three条平行的脚并从左边结束。

奇numberX腿numberFour (单Four):梯子将爬过Four只平行的脚并从左边结束。

Such as:

Members select betting listsThree,投注@100元,赔率@Three.88


Possible combinations

Possible combinations-优德W88官网





for example



Starting point = left
终点=Even numbers
终点X footnumber= Even numbersX footnumberThree (ThreeDouble)

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