Toad club -BO platform

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金蟾俱乐部-BO平台游戏-优德W88官网Jinchan new BO platform, the game will also be added to the transfer[other] + youter realityPurse. You need to transfer this game from the central wallet to the game purse. (with the GNS, PS, MRS platforms) as follows:

The BO platform has been added to the toad club. Following chart:
 金蟾俱乐部BO平台-优德W88官网Into the toad Club drop-down menu, select[all games]Single click[BO]Platform, you can find all the new games on the BO platform. You can also[search]Enter game name, quick search. Following chart:

The new BO has a new platform Jinchan Club 18 ultra fuel Madden slot machine game, immediately choose to join the game!


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