2017-2018 Premier League fourth round recommended

2017-2018 英超第4轮赛事推荐

Beijing time at 19:30 on September 9, 2017, the 2017-18 season, the Premier League will start the fourth round of the contest. The Premiership giants Manchester City currently ranked fourth, ranked second in the current round of home court against Liverpool. At present, the poor record of A Senna home court against Bournemouth. Tottenham will win against Everton, defending champion Chelsea at the Leicester City, the current leaders Manchester United away against Storck city.

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/9\/09 (Saturday) 19:30 Manchester City Liverpool
2017\/9\/09 (Saturday) 22:00 A Senna Bournemouth
2017\/9\/09 (Saturday) 22:00 Brighton Thib Rom
2017\/9\/09 (Saturday) 22:00 Everton Spurs
2017\/9\/09 (Saturday) 22:00 leicester Chelsea
2017\/9\/09 (Saturday) 22:00 Southampton Waterford
2017\/9\/10 (Sunday) 00:30 Stoke City Manchester United
2017\/9\/10 (Sunday) 20:30 Burnley Crystal Palace
2017\/9\/10 (Sunday) 23:00 Swansea Newcastle
2017\/9\/12 (Tuesday) 03:00 West Ham Hades

 Manchester CityVSLiverpool

Originally, the Premier League is one up for dinner, blue moon and the Red Army before quitting, after 3 rounds of two teams in second and fourth, the winner will undoubtedly occupy the advantage of a title slightly, will not want each other.


结合目前两队的现状,其实Liverpool在状态上是相对占优的,三场比赛下来是一路上升的势头;而Manchester City这边,虽然同样是2胜1平,但每场都没有打出瓜迪奥拉想要的效果,新援也尚处磨合阶段。不过,Manchester City似乎已经开始显现逆风状态下保持不败的控制力。

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