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Chang won five major league souvenirs ~ congratulations following youter WEightEight lucky winner, won the Messi \/ Ronaldo limited edition sneakers, major league soccer jerseys and official!

C. Ronaldo One pairs of shoes
Serial number User name
One T*E*M*T*R*
Two B*R*E*O*A*One
Three Seven*Seven*E*A*D
Four D*N*E*Eight*
Five G*L*E*Y*Nine*Seven
Serial number User name
One W*N*M*N*Three*Eight
Two Y*N*S*I*E*U
Three C*A*R*E*N*Six
Four I*G*G*A*
Five T*N*P*L*Five*Two
Six T*H*Six*Nine
Seven B*Y*E*L
Eight P*C*R*One*
Nine S*E*T*0*Seven
One0 F*B*R*Three*Four
Official league football
Serial number User name
One F*R*U*E*Five
Two T*E*L*S*
Three L*P*O*Nine*One
Four A*N*Seven*Seven*
Five L*V*S*One*
Six W*N*I*Eight*
Seven N*C*E*One*Eight*
Eight One*Three*T*A*L*N*
Nine D*S*G*Four*Eight*
One0 Y*N*X*Two*