Recommendation of this week’s hot slot machine

GPI golden pool club new exploding game " lucky bomb man", the popular tiger machine entertainment circle for a long time. A variety of Indiana symbol scroll game, endless free spins as you win! Send luck, bombing a big cash prize, ~

lucky bomb is a 5 axis 30 line hot slot machine game, the minimum line of 0.03 yuan, the maximum can be bet 6000 yuan. The rate of super high explosion is a good opportunity for you to show up!

3 or above the corresponding symbols can trigger free games! (please select the amount of the notes per line or the full line, click spin or start the game automatically.) diagram:

lucky Bomberman game page - youter W88 website

2, 3, 4 all-match position in the main game and free rotation of the reel, can replace all symbols except bonus patterns and Indiana pattern.

- all-match youter W88 website


3 or more bonus symbols appear on any scroll, which will get 6 free rotations. Free rotation will trigger any number of extra free rotation, and the highest can win 4 extra free rotations.

free rotation youter W88 website

free rotation will be paid in a profit portfolio.

payment table - Youde W88 website

Indiana bonus will be multiplied by the total amount of bets paid.

payment table 2- youter W88 website


"lucky bomb" game has a total of 30 payment lines, the more the number of lines to be injected, the greater the chance of profit. The reclaims will be paid in order from the left to the right. The amount of the bet is multiplied by the number of winning lines, that is, your total profit bonus,

payment line - Youde W88 website

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