2017-2018 Premier League twentieth rounds

2017-2018 Premier League twentieth round - youter W88 website

Beijing time on December 28th

03:45, the 2017/2018 Premier League season, the twentieth round of Newcastle in St Jam es's Park Stadium against the 17 game winning streak in manchester. A power gap of the game is about to begin, are you ready for the match?

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competition date time home team passenger
2017/12/26 (Tuesday) 20:30 Hotspur
2017/12/26 (Tuesday) 23:00
2017/12/26 (Tuesday) 23:00 Chelsea Brighton
2017/12/26 (Tuesday) 23:00 hadders Storck city
2017/12/26 (Tuesday) 23:00 Manchester United
2017/12/26 (Tuesday) 23:00
2017/12/26 (Tuesday) 23:00 Everton
2017/12/27 (Wednesday) 01:30 Liverpool
2017/12/28 (Thursday) 03:45 Newcastle City
2017/12/29 (Friday) 04:00 Crystal Palace Arsenal

VS city

, Newcastle

1, the Newcastle game with West Ham, although the team lost the first 6 minutes of a ball, but then started catching up, Newcastle Lianban three goals, the final 3 to 2 victory over the opponent.

2, the team ended the 9 round of very embarrassing situation, the last round after scoring 3 points, the team returned to the league in fifteenth place, but the distance from the relegation zone with 2 points.

3, the city played 4 than 0 easily beat Bournemouth, Aguero and Stryn each harvest goals, two people are currently ranked among the top scorer with 12 goals third, fourth.

4, but this year the city scored 101 goals, since 1982, the city became the first annual goals Pobai Premier League team, the current gap between Manchester United and Manchester City has been opened to more than 13 points.

Newcastle just promoted, and the season so many dishes, do you only met fierce Manchester