“Deep sea Hunter” Championships

deep sea Hunter


"deep sea Hunter" Championships big prize, grand attack! The cash prize is up to 10470 yuan, and there is a chance to win the prize.

rules and clauses:


1." tournament began in 2018 08:00:00 January 1st (Beijing time) to 2018 07:59:59 in January 8th (Beijing time) . The tournament is only applicable to youter $W88, the Indonesian rupiah, vnd, RMB, baht, RM, all the members won and yen registered.
2. members need to use real money in the golden cup club "deep sea Hunter" game (both mobile and computer pages).
3. in a profit line, there are 3 same symbols, and the corresponding Championship score can be obtained:
3x "octopus" 15
3x "sea turtle" 10
3x "clown fish" 5

In order to get the effective Championship score,

4. needs to reach the lowest note per currency in the "deep sea Hunter" game as follows:

dollar 0.5
MA coin 2
baht 20
yen 50
won 500
Indonesian rupee 5000
Vietnam shield 10


5. fails to bet on the "gambling" function, the Bureau's tournament score is invalid.
6. web page will show the top 50 game player for the final ranking, click here to view the list (score data to be updated to the list in 5 minutes after betting)
7. bonuses distributed in 3 working days after the end of the discount to your wallet only 1 youter center, times of water withdrawals. We will inform you through the station letter or telephone.
8. youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, W88 youter has the right at any time to all or a member to cancel this offer.
9. youter W88 general terms and rules apply to this offer.
The 10. tournament prize money were converted into the corresponding W88 to youter exchange rate currency payment.

first 3168 element
second 1608 yuan
third 1288 yuan
Fourth 638 yuan
5-10 name 308 yuan
11-50 name 48 yuan