Super de Club – Super pool (GPI)


Youde reality Entertainment City New OneTwo table number, super some stalls reality game, break through the traditional fan Tan, simple and novel, varied gameplay, Xiaobian for you intoduces gameplay and skills.

Fan Tan is China ancient village games, traditional games are played using the white button, cover the bowl, sticks; by Zhuang home tureen cover a certain number of buttons, all bets, open tureen, buttons Four as a group, with sticks and allocate the buttons, the remaining number is less than or equal to Four, players on the number of the last remaining button betting.

Super fan Tan in the original play, sophistication, and the use of OneTwo cards, from A-K respectively represent different points, points added and divided by Four, the remaining points betting.

Image display for the bonus board payment, OneTwo face dice, points for 8 or 9 points into the bonus payment.

Share bet way and accompany the rate of details are as follows:

BetSingle number, open to win, and the rest to lose.


Bet type Payment 奖金局Payment
Some One Two.85:One Three:One
Some Two Two.85:One Three:One
Some Three Two.85:One Three:One
Some Four Two.85:One Three:One

Bet read:Betting Two numbers, One for the win, One for and, the other Two for the lost.



Bet type The winner. And Bureau Odds
One Nian Two One Two One.90:One
One念Three One Three One.90:One
One念Four One Four One.90:One
Two念One Two One One.90:One
Two念Three Two Three One.90:One
Two念Four Two Four One.90:One
Three念One Three One One.90:One
Three念Two Three Two One.90:One
Three念Four Three Four One.90:One
Four念One Four One One.90:One
Four念Two Four Two One.90:One
Four念Three Four Three One.90:One

Betting angle:角投注Two个号码,开出任意One个为赢,其余为输。


Bet type The winner. Odds
OneandTwo One或Two 0.95:One
OneandFour One或Four 0.95:One
TwoandThree Two或Three 0.95:One
ThreeandFour Three或Four 0.95:One

Bet small \/ big \/ and:根据OneTwo张牌的总点数投注


Bet type The winner. Odds
large 86-OneFourFour One:One
Small TwoFour-8Two One:One
and 8Three、8Four、85 7:One

Bet single \/ double: the remaining points betting.



Bet type The winner. Odds
single One、Three 0.95:One
double Two、Four 0.95:One