WeChat w88 sweep the two-dimensional code immediately to the account


Good news! WeChat fast payment, scan two-dimensional code immediately to the account has been opened, oh! Immediately landed on the official website [to deposit the amount] - [scan two-dimensional code] - [payment success] - immediately to the account. If you feel special, immediately pick up the phone to try it.

Landing status, click:[deposit][WeChat]Enter the deposit amount- Click[deposit]Confirmation. As follows:


Single deposit limit: 20-500 yuan.As follows:


After clicking on the deposit, the system will generate a two-dimensional code to pay.
Warm prompt: Please complete the payment within 2 minutes, otherwise it will lead to the failure of the transaction.

You can use your WeChat change to pay, click on the WeChatSweep []Function, scanning the two-dimensional code to obtain a picture. As follows:


Then the system will pop up tipsEnter the payment password- Click[immediate payment]Confirmation transaction[payment success].As follows:


Successful chargeback, "has prompted[payment success].As follows:


After successful payment was immediately credited ~ rapid deposit experience oh!


If you have the following two-dimensional code on the phone, you get theThe two-dimensional code is out of date.


You return to the page of the cashier desk to see the state of the transaction isThe two-dimensional code is out of date的提示.您需要点击红色方框的W88.com[regain]再次重新进行交易.As follows:


If you do not complete the payment within 2 minutes, the system will display the two-dimensional code has expired, please be sure to have a good time to carry out the deposit Oh ~