How to use the w88 luck rotation


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First, open the youter W88 website, login to your account, two ways to enter the [rotating] lucky.

Method 1: the following figure, the mouse floating home page logo below, click [reward club] into the integral page, click choose [lucky] to enter the page.


You need to deposit this week, after the party has the qualifications to rotate.After the deposit, you can see the words on the left side of the page on the left side of the page, and then click start to rotate, the system will automatically stop rotating.


After the rotation, the system will prompt you to get the rotation of the prize. As shown in the following figure. Your mouse click [to receive a prize].


System will prompt you 'lucky gift exchange application has been submitted', as shown in figure, you click [OK] can be.

You rotate the bonus points will be added to your account immediately. If you have a discount or a prize, the customer service will contact you within 24 hours.


So far, you have completed your [rotating] lucky, you will be prompted to the next rotation time.


The success of the rotation, you can check the information to the letter of rotation. If you turn the preferential, prizes, customer service commissioner will be within 24 hours of your contact, to deal with.

如何使用幸运旋转-w88优德官网 如何使用幸运旋转-w88优德官网

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