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March 2, 2016 08:00Wasp VS sunThe two sides are expected to start:wasp:Walker, Courtney Lee, Batum, Williams and Zele marvin;The sun:Preiss, Tucker, Ryan and Chandler, booker.

Youter western sports: the Hornets -13 3.

The Hornets will be in Beijing on the 2 day at 8 in the morning in the home court against the sun. Wasp recently condition not vulgar, the face of the current mess of sun, is in playoff contention critical period of Charlotte team, will definitely not miss the opportunity to win. Jeremy Lin is expected to play a wonderful performance in the game.

Suns this season poor performance, the team since January after a record fall in a straight line, which the team wounded and sick constantly, to remove the outside of the cable core Brad reimbursement of the season, such as Warren and another central defender Knight also overhang truce flag, especially in the power forward Maurice because the team and the spear shield was traded, the team has now entered the phase of reconstruction. Among them, the rookie guard Booker performed well, the season averaged 10.6 points, three points hit rate reached 38.7%.

This season, the team played well, the team is currently ranked sixth in the East, but the record and the eastern ninth pistons record the same, we can see the team's playoff situation is very unstable. The Hornets this season lineup as well, Jeremy and lamb are the team with enough firepower. But since the team's center of Jefferson played as a substitute, the lineup but weakened somewhat, such as Nicolas Batum and team chemistry and also did not achieve the best.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommendedW88The wasp makes 13 points win.